Why Isn’t The Media Criticizing Liberal Politicians, Celebrities Over Climate Issues?

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If you’ve heard about Trump’s decision to withdraw the US from the Paris Agreement, it’s quite likely you’ve also heard the Left-wing’s exorbitant criticism of the departure. While the agreement wasn’t legally binding, the liberal media is undeniably upset over it. Why aren’t they criticizing liberal celebrities over climate issues?

Public figures like John Kerry have not been shy about making their displeasure with Trump’s choice known—but it is almost poetic how Kerry himself seems to have no intent on slowing down his own “yacht-and-mansion lifestyle.”

Celebrities and politicians are known for their jet-setting existence filled with all the latest trinkets, fastest cars and other such drivel, yet they are the first ones to declare the rest of us need to make sacrifices.

There are many things privileged celebrities and the politically involved class can do to cut down their own energy use and reduce the size of their own footprints—such as creating online conferences, taxing abnormally large homes at a higher rate, banning private-jet travel and banning tax-payer-funded air travel.

As reported, “It’s nice that John Travolta can have his own Boeing 707 or that Leonardo DiCaprio can jet around the world, speaking against climate change, but the carbon emissions involved set a bad example that outweighs anything he might say.” And truly, when thinking about it, it really is rather ironic that a man who flies around in his own private jet has the gall to talk about climate change. The same could be said of virtually any politician who has spoken out about their concerns for climate change and energy use; if you’re flying in an executive jet, it’s hard to imagine you really care that much.


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