Italy: Man Granted Divorce After Claiming The Devil Possessed His Wife

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There have been countless reasons for divorce throughout history. Some are stranger than others. Now, an Italian man has just been granted a divorce citing a very rare, and very weird, reason to leave his marriage; he claims his wife is “possessed by the devil.”

The Italian man’s claims aren’t being treated as crazy, either. A Milan court has said that the woman didn’t “act knowingly” for strange behavior that led to the divorce. It was also found that she did not have an illness–so what was causing her actions? The Italian court seems to have believed that the woman was actually possessed.

There are reportedly witnesses to the woman’s strange behavior as well. Some have said that they have seen her acting in strange ways, and it appears to be reputable people which include a priest and her own sister. Other witnesses have claimed that they saw the woman actually levitate off of the ground. Is the woman actually possessed, or just putting on a show to get divorced?

As reported, “Italy had no provision for divorce until 1970 and the difficulties caused by this were the subject of a celebrated 1961 film “Divorce, Italian Style”. The comedy features Marcello Mastroianni as a Sicilian noble who cooks up a plot to kill his wife in a crime of passion so he can be free to marry a younger model.

However, legislation which came into force last year made it easier and quicker to end marriages – prompting a 57 percent surge in the divorce rate.”

Are Italy’s strict rules with divorce the reason for the couples strange reason for their separation?



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