Jewish Student Driven Out of Berlin School by Threats And Violence from Muslim Classmates

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The many failings of Germany under Chancellor Merkel are very evident. Many liberals may say that Germany’s free borders are good for cultural acceptance and diversity but it clearly isn’t working, especially for the Jewish citizens. Anti-Semitism still exists in Germany and here’s the sad part — Immigrants are participating in it as well.

One Jewish teenager named Ferdinand was forced to leave his school in Berlin because the level of Anti-Semitism was just too much for him to handle. He was constantly bullied for his religion by the hands of many Middle Eastern and Turkish children. It was also reported that one of the bullies even threatened to shoot him.

What attracted Ferdinand and his parents to the school in the first place was the “multicultural environment”. Ferdinand’s parents wanted their son to be exposed and accepted among many cultures. And since Germany is basically a multicultural hub it wasn’t very hard to find a school of the sort. But that’s when the nightmare for Ferdinand began.

Within just his first week of school in November, Ferdinand made the mistake of saying that he was Jewish. It was a very bold and respectable move from him to say that in a school where three-quarters of the students are from Immigrant families.

“First my Turkish friend Emre said he could no longer hang out with me because I was Jewish,” Ferdinand said. “Then other pupils started saying stereotypical things about how Jews only want money and hate Muslims.”

And Ferdinand was not given a break since then. He was beaten daily by the hands of the immigrant children.

“This boy, Jassin, whose parents are Palestinian, asked me if I’m from Israel,” Ferdinand said. “I’ve never been to Israel. He said Palestine will burn Israel and his friends said Turkey will burn Israel. He kept kicking me.

“One day he came up to me from behind and he punched me in the back. I became dizzy . . . I had a bruise for a week or two. Every time something bad happened, I told myself I could manage it, but it only got worse.”

And Ferdinand is just one of the many Jewish kids who face intense bullying in Germany by the hands of mostly “Arabic or Turkish classmates”. This is according to Aaron Eckstaedt, the principal of the Moses Mendelssohn Jewish High School in Berlin, who sees up to 10 students applying to transfer to his school on account of anti-Semitism.

It’s sad that Merkel will not even acknowledge the ever-growing problems associated with Immigration in Germany. And I’m not even going to make any statements about Hitler in this article because I believe that as a more connected society we’ve grown past that level of ignorance.

If Merkel believes that opening Germany’s borders to outsiders is good for the society then maybe she should start breaking down the walls of her own home and sleeping with the doors opening, allowing any and anybody to sleep on her bed and dine at her table. It’s the same concept. Walls were made bigger than doors for a reason.

Source: Breitbart


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