Kathy Griffin’s “Mock Assassination Of Trump” May Have Just Ruined Her Career

[Source: TMZ]
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Kathy Griffin has been a comedienne for years, but her latest stunt seems to have put her–and her career–on the chopping block. Griffin has made headlines, and not in a good way, for staging a mock Trump assassination as part of a photo shoot. Seen posing with the bloodied and severed head of President Donald Trump, Griffin has experienced an earth-shattering backlash for her tasteless actions. Ms. Griffin has already issued an apology, but she has now been fired by CNN, and is losing endorsements from other companies.

As Stefan Molyneux, of Freedom Radio, notes, Griffin has expressed her distaste for violent imagery in politics in the past, believing it will only incite more violence. In fact, sources say, Kathy Griffin has openly criticized Sarah Palin in the past, for featuring a picture of “crosshairs” on her website.

Yet, Griffin was willing to pose holding a fake severed President Trump head by the hair, with a grim, dead-eyed stare.

And, as sources, point out, it is especially ironic given the Left’s pseudo-concern that Trump supporters might be “violent” or “aggressive.” Yet, Griffin–known for her lefty leanings–is the one who’s posing for the camera, sporting her political adversary’s head as a handbag.

While other members of the celebrity circle, like Snoop Dogg and Marilyn Manson, have created some violent imagery involving President Trump, they also are not also annual hosts on CNN.

Griffin is not alone in her hypocrisy; much of the mainstream media is subject to the same sort of bias; conservatives are often crucified for smaller offenses, while Democrats walk off scot-free even after being involved with a major crime or scandal.




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