Lagunitas Brewing Company’s Remaining Shares Acquired By Heineken

[Source: The Beverage Journal]
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Big beverage conglomerates seem to be realizing that they just can’t compete with local breweries. People love to support local businesses–and if you can enjoy a tasty, cold beer while you do it, all the better. Unsurprisingly, the craft beer community is witnessing an onslaught of popular beers getting bought out by the big beverage industry. Lagunitas Brewing Company, which boasts one of the best-selling IPAs, is one of the latest independent beer companies to fold under the weight of corporate pressures as Heineken acquired their last remaining stocks.

Since 2015, Heineken has held 50 percent of their shares. The report of the acquisition of the remaining shares comes at the same time as news broke of the sale of Wicked Weed to AB InBev, which has been causing quite a stir across the craft brewing industry. 

As reported, “During the 19 months of our partnership we have come to trust and truly believe in each other. Through that we have found ourselves aligned on how to bring the vibe of U.S. craft-brewing to beer lovers everywhere. Only by fully committing to this relationship can we both respond to the historic opportunity that awaits us in all 24 time zones,” said Lagunitas founder Tony Magee.

Under Heineken, Magee will still be the executive chairman for the Lagunitas brand.

Sources say that in spite of the acquisition, things at Lagunitas will not change much and that the company will still be able to run independently within the greater Heineken brand. Heineken, of course, is very happy with their new acquisition and says that they are looking forward to sharing great beer with the rest of the world.



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