LAWSUIT: Cornell Refused To Investigate Female Student’s Alleged Rape Of Fraternity Member

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April has been a horrible PR month as companies like Pepsi and United Airlines felt the full brunt of crappy PR. Now, Cornell University has decided to join the two behemoths.

Cornell University’s poor handling of sexual misconduct has been in the news since the beginning of the year so they aren’t new to bad PR. The University is currently facing six federal investigations for sex and gender cases which mean that Cornell University is the unprecedented winner of “US School with most federal investigations.”

The most recent case pertains to the university’s “refusal to investigate a male fraternity member’s rape claim against a female student” because the female in question reportedly accused him of the same thing.

And now, because of this, a Title IX lawsuit was filed. But the fraternity student claims that his accusations against the female student were denied a formal hearing and due process by the University. But, the University reportedly gave the female student a hearing and suspended the male fraternity student.

The frat boy was able to successfully appeal his suspension but another official brought it back up and is now recommending that the frat boy gets suspended for an entire year.

The incident in question reportedly occurred back in 2015 during a party. The two reportedly decided to go to the frat boy’s room in the Theta Delta Chi fraternity house where they both kissed consensually on the bed. But the complainant (the frat boy) says that the woman began to behave “aggressively” pushing him against the bed.

The complainant then claimed that the situation made him feel very “uncomfortable” as it brought back bad memories of a time he was sexually assaulted by someone else.

He then told her to stop and after she refused to stop he physically tried to get her off of himself.

In response, the woman punched the complainant in the testicles so hard that he had to seek medical attention for the pain which he claims to have lasted weeks.

The woman then reportedly accused him of choking and trying to rape her.

And the unnamed male student claims that it brought him emotional distress when the University refused to investigate his rape claim and then ultimately suspending him for the rape claim issued by the woman. Because of this, he says he grades has dropped.

Source: The College Fix


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