Local Brewery Posts Rules About Kids’ Behavior After Property Destroyed

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Managing a brewery is hard work and it’s even harder work when you have kids running around and destroying expensive property.

Southern Brewing & Winemaking, a brewery in Tampa Florida has a lot of experience with kids running around and destroying expensive things. But recently they have decided to do something about it.

Children have destroyed Southern Brewing’s fire pit last year, according to General Manager Kelly Fenstermacher.

“We’ve had customers complain that they were standing on top of the firepit, and throwing lava rocks out into the parking lot at the cars,” she said.

The brewery has seen quite a lot of destruction by the hands of “unsupervised children” and many customers are even threatening to boycott the company until the issue is resolved.

The rules posted on Facebook by the brewery is just the beginning of the solution to the problem and it has gotten a lot of support from customers and parents.

One parent said: “As a dad with 3 kids who regularly visits Southern with them, I have no problems with these rules. These four rules shouldn’t have to be written down in the first place.”

But some parents aren’t happy with the new rules.

“I am understanding of these concerns, but at the same time, this does mean that my child is unable to join on trips to Southern because I cannot foresee everything that is going to occur and will not be kicked out of an establishment. I will not be returning nor will my husband,” said one parent and customer on Facebook.

In response to some of the hate from parents like the one above, the brewing company wrote another Facebook post saying: “Our intention for posting the sign on our social media was to reach the largest number of our customers as quickly as possible. As with any public forum, people will express their opinions, but not all the opinions expressed in response to our post reflect our sentiments. As we stated, parents are welcome to bring their children. We just ask that they adhere to the guidelines for the safety and comfort of all of our guests.”

Source: ABC Action News


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