Maine (USA) Brewers Announce Launch Of Global Beer Trade – Beginning With Iceland In 2017

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Iceland is about to get a lot more beer-tastic. Starting in June Maine Brewers’ Guild will be shipping a container filled with beer from Portland all the way to Iceland in what will be coined the “Maine Beer Box”.

The man in charge of the operation, Sean Sullivan credits “a few drinks” for the idea.

“Like all good ideas, it started after a few drinks,” Sullivan said.

This can benefit the beer industry in Maine a lot mainly because it gives them the opportunity to get their beer in the hands of foreigners.

“Maine brewers are looking to take their product overseas and launch the world’s first global brewer trade,” said Sullivan.

Eimskip is one of the big names in Iceland’s shipping industry and they will be the ones donating the beer box. And basically, all the breweries in Maine will be contributing to the beer box with their beers.

“We’ll bring it over to Reykjavik, do what will probably be Iceland’s biggest ever beer festival, on June 24th, in Reykjavik, Iceland and then have the Icelandic brewers load that same Maine Beer Box up with their beer, and come over and be our guests at our festival on July 29th,” said Sullivan.

This plan, which is said to have a project value of about $100,000 is the first of its kind and will provide well-needed new business education to many breweries in Maine.

“So that our brewers will learn how to export their products and think bold about what their next steps might be to grow their businesses,” he said.

“This isn’t gonna stop after Iceland. 2018 and beyond for the next 3-5 years at least, we’ll be exchanging beers with a different country, each year,” said Sullivan.

Sullivan believes that this revolutionizes the beer industry in Maine and exports in general.

Source: CBS Boston.


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