Man Leaves Wife And Family To Pursue Life As A Six-Year-Old Girl

[Source: Twitter/Stefonknee Wolschtt]
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Fifty-two-year-old Canada-native Paul had just about everything a man might ask for—a wife and seven children. Paul was a mechanic and a well-known member of his town’s Catholic church. However, that wasn’t enough for Paul, so he abandoned them to live as Stefonknee (“Ste-phone-knee”) Wolschtt—a six-year-old girl!

[Paul (far right) with his wife, three of their seven kids and a nun. | Photo: Daily Xtra]
[Six-year-old Stefonkee Wolscht with “her” adoptive “mommy and daddy.” | Photo: Daily Xtra]
The Torontonian made this realization at age 46 and left his old life when his now-ex-wife said, “Stop being trans or leave.” But he chose the latter and went to live with his adoptive parents. As six-year-old Stefonknee, he wears little-girls clothes, plays with his parents’ grandchildren and enjoys coloring. (That’s right; he abandoned all his responsibilities as a husband and father to be a child.)

His new parents, their children and their children’s young kids are apparently loving and welcoming of Paul living as a female child. More, he’s been wanting this since elementary school, but it wasn’t possible then.

Originally, Stefonknee was an eight-year-old, but his new parents’ granddaughter wanted to be the older sister—he simply changed his age… “I have a mommy and a daddy (an adopted mommy and daddy) who are totally comfortable with me being a little girl. And their children and their grandchildren are totally supportive,” Stefonknee said in an interview.

Six is seemingly a magic number for Stefonknee, as that’s how old he/she was when he/she felt different than other boys—he wanted to dress like the little girls at his elementary school.

In high school, he met his would-be wife, Maria, who actually enabled his love and desire to wear women’s clothing. “The next day, she bought me a black pleated skirt, a white blouse, and a grey camisole…so then I had an ally.”

They were married shortly after graduation. While Maria was okay with Paul cross dressing, he felt something more—he was actually transgender but wasn’t well versed in all that entailed. He was fearful of who he was on the inside. Paul’s wife was not comfortable being with a trans person—they’d had seven kids together. When he was 44, Paul enrolled in transgender classes and told their kids he felt like a woman on the inside.

[Video: courtesy of Xtra Online]

Upon asking his kids to write down their thoughts and feelings, Paul’s son, Peter wrote, “Dear Dad, I feel it is very imbarassing [sic] to see you walk around like that. But if you rilly [sic] want it, it will be OK with me. Love, Peter”

Stefonknee’s other children felt “grossed out” when seeing their father in women’s clothing. They didn’t like his behaving as a mom rather than a dad.

“I was a trans parent for 23 years. It scared me, because I didn’t know how to not be trans,” Stefonknee added.

Upon Maria not standing for this, Stefonknee relocated to Toronto for her life as a little girl. She even underwent hormone therapy in 2009. She even attended a transgender rally—before falling into depression and feeling suicidal. She spent a month in the hospital. Stefonknee even lost her mechanic job as a result of it all.

“I basically just lost all my customers. I [was] sleeping in a bed in a homeless shelter,” she explained. Facing her transgender reality “[was] the hardest thing [Stefonknee] ever had to do.”

Stefonknee’s daughter, Amand, was married in 2012 and invited her father to the wedding. However, Stefonknee was to dress as Paul, find a seat in the back and refrain from engaging with the rest of the family.

[Source: Twitter/Stefonknee Wolschtt]
[Source: Twitter/Stefonknee Wolschtt]
The wedding wasn’t easy for Stefonknee to endure, as she again tried to kill herself later that day.

But she soon found a reason to live and a new family—the pro-LGBT Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto. They even created a support group on Stefonknee’s behalf. This newfound acceptance has inspired Stefonknee to push for transgender awareness—she still attends rallies.

Apparently, it’s okay to ditch your wife and children in order to live as a trans child.


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