Motorists Honk And Speed Past Truck Parked At Stop Sign. Teen Walks Up And Stops Cold At View Inside

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Teen drivers always get portrayed negatively by the public, but 16-year-old Max Greenwood is now giving his ilk a good name.

While Max was rolling around in his truck, he saw a man parked at a stop sign, and it seemed as though something was wrong. Most drivers ignored the man, simply honking and speeding past him—not Max. Max brought his truck to a halt and jumped out to go help the man.

“A few people were honking, and a couple of people passed him because they were frustrated he was stopped. I didn’t want to just honk and be a dirt bag like that.”

Max’s actions encouraged two women to also stop their cars and join in on assisting the distressed man.

“He told the women he thought his blood sugar was low. He got progressively worse. One of the women gave him a Coke to help his sugar levels, but I could tell it wasn’t helping, so I called 911.”

Moments later, officials were on the scene and found the man was suffering from a “medical episode” and desperately needed help. They were efficient in ensuring he got medical attention.

In an KREM News interview, Max said, “It’s a person. If I was in his situation, I would want someone to help me…. I stopped because I always try and make an effort to help people on the side of the road.”

Max’s mother, Mary Pudelko, said of her son’s kindness: “You preach to your kids that you need to do the right thing, and when he did, I was really proud. In this day and age, when a lot of kids don’t think about anyone but themselves, he stepped up and it made a difference.”

Conservative Country loves to honor vets, but also everyday heroes like Max. What a great job he did!


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