New Jersey Student To Get New Yearbooks After Trump Censorship

[Grant Berardo photo before and after editing | Source: NY Daily News]
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Earlier this month, a high school in Wall, New Jersey, was lambasted for censoring school yearbooks by way of editing Trump logos out of students’ photos and even omitting the freshman-class president’s Donald Trump quote from her yearbook photo.

In response to the outrage, Wall HS Superintendent Cheryl Dyer has announced students will be receiving new yearbooks—which will include the omitted pro-Trump logos and quotes. Thankfully, the school system made the right choice and corrected this outrageous wrongdoing.

Dyer commented further, “”I do not believe that it is possible to create a yearbook of 248 pages, thousands of pictures, names, and lines of text and have it be error free. That being said, I cannot allow the intentional change that was not based on dress code to be ignored. I am the Chief School Administrator in this district, and I take responsibility for the actions of those who are employed here. … Therefore, I have determined that a re‐issuance of the yearbook is necessary,” she added.

The new yearbooks are reportedly going to be made available to the students in about two weeks.

A total of three students from Wall High School reported the content of their photographs had been altered in some way. High-school-junior Grant Berardo wore a Trump t-shirt with “Make America Great Again” on it in his school picture. But upon opening his year book, Berardo discovered the logo removed, and his shirt digitally edited to plain black. “I like Trump, but it’s history too. Wearing that shirt memorializes the time,” Grant commented.

Wyatt Dobrovich-Fago,another student, said his vest’s Trump logo was cropped out of his picture. Wyatt’s younger sister, Montana, is the freshman-class president—she selected a Trump quote to go along with her yearbook photo. However, the quote was omitted from her picture.

While Dyer has contended the removal of the Trump logo from Grant Berardo’s photo was clearly intentional, she claims that whether or not the edits and omissions regarding the Dobrovich-Fago siblings were intentional is still unknown. According to her, the cropping of Wyatt’s photo was in keeping with normal, yearbook procedures, and the missing quote may or may not have been an oversight.

Regardless, at least the kids are getting new yearbooks—the school’s Trump supporters will not be erased.


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