Not Watergate: Those Who Leak Classified Information Aren’t Heroes—They Belong In Jail.

[Source: The Independent]
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Once upon a time, if you leaked classified information, you went to jail. It used to be that our nation’s security leaders took their roles seriously—they kept information close to their chests no matter what.

As recent events have shown, such as the release of Chelsea Manning (formerly Bradley Manning), the honor of serving and protecting your country to the best of your ability, regardless of the role you play, is fading fast.

Would-be traitors are heralded as “heroes” for their acts of “bravery.” But is the act of exposing confidential information about our country (perhaps even to our enemies) really all that brave? Or is it simply a chance to get 15 minutes of fame?

As sources explain, “The advent of the modern leaker-as-hero started way back in 2010 with Bradley Manning and went even further in 2013 with Ed Snowden. These two people felt strongly about how the US government was wrong, or something, and decided to tell someone who would be unable to do anything constructive with classified information all about the secret stuff they had seen. These people, both motivated by ideology, are chumps. They were manipulated by foreign-intelligence services to steal and release classified information. These are facts—not a political or partisan spin.”

It’s nothing new for concept of ideology motivating people to do criminal things, but the way they are treated for their crimes is certainly a development in society. The Manning case is a clear representation of that: Manning was released years ahead of time—all because of public opinion. And those opinions weren’t even related to the charges they were serving time for—rather the diagnosis of gender dysphoria and the transformation from Bradley to Chelsea.

The sad truth is Manning gender identity should have had zero impact on how he was punished for the crimes he committed and was sentenced for. Yet in our society of snowflakes, special treatment is practically a given—and you can bet that having your sentence commuted over “gender issues” is indeed special treatment.



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