This Ohio, Beer Hotel Might Just Be The “Happiest Place On Earth”

This Ohio beer hotspot is going to start taking overnighters!
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Beer lovers finally have their Disney World—“The Dog House.” It’s a beer hotel in Columbus, OH, being started by craft brewery BrewDog.

“What’s a beer hotel,” you might ask? Good question.

According to reports, aside from having the usual hotel thing (a comfortable bed and a TV), there are other, let’s say, accommodations. The hotel will have beer on tap in each room, beer-filled hot tubs, beer fridges in each shower, beer breakfasts and even beer-spa treatments.

This—on top of being located within a working brewery!

Sadly, the hotel they are calling “The New Happiest Place on Earth” has not yet been built. BrewDog says the dream hotel will cost roughly $7 million to build. They have started crowdsourcing some money to get off the ground. If you are interested in helping out, check out their Indiegogo page.

BrewDog is actually a Scottish-owned company. They have bars located all over Europe, South America and elsewhere. Recently, their American operations was headquartered in Columbus. You might have heard of them because of their provocative, marketing campaigns or their frequent claims to have “the world’s strongest beer.”

So far, the campaign is over 70-percent funded. According to the page, donors can win anything from customized fedoras to free stays at the hotel and other beer-tastic goodies. If all goes according to plan, the hotel will open sometime in 2018.


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