How One Brewery Is Defining Southern Beer With Local Ingredients

fullsteam [Source: Hop Culture]
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Brian Mandeville loves beer. Since a young age he was taught that alcohol was like food, and why not; many feel it should be at every meal. The upbringing around alcohol sparked an interest in fermentation for the political science major at an early age. He may be originally from Georgia, but he is now helping put a North Carolina Brewery on the map–especially by taking advantage of local ingredients.

Brian is the head brewer at Fullsteam Brewery, which is located in Durham, North Carolina. The southeast is beginning to have their own “boom” with breweries–something Mandeville has compared to “a bag of popcorn going off.”

Fullsteam Brewery was created just seven years ago with, “a mission to create distinctly Southern beer that celebrates the culinary and agricultural traditions of the South.” Any boy have they hit their mark perfectly.

The beer has a special original southern style, and it’s because local ingredients are used in their product. Fullsteam has incorporated locally grown produce into their beer–which even includes sweet potatoes as an ingredient. The outcome? Tasty Perfection.

As reported, “I grew up in a household that viewed alcohol more as food than just another entity…and I had a lot of friends and family push me towards trying to make a career out of it,” he said. After gaining experience with a few other breweries, he realized he was searching for something more than just creating great beer.”

As many new southeast breweries continue to pop-up, Fullsteam continues to leave their mark on the southern beer scene.



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