“Perfect Man” Billboard Highlights Muhammad’s Evils—Muslims Want It Gone

[Source: The Indiana News, PBS]
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A billboard dedicated to calling out Muslim prophet Muhammad’s wrongdoings has become the topic of intense debate. As you might expect, Muslims and leftists alike have been demanding it be taken down—ever since its unveiling along Interstate 465 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The sign displays “The Perfect Man” across the top. Below is a series of check-marked bullet points, which include some sordid truths about prophet Muhammad—such as “Rapist” and “Tortured and killed unbelievers.”

Even though Muhammad’s name was not printed on the billboard, the religion’s followers (and others) immediately recognized him as the sign’s inspiration. Their reaction was not unanticipated to say the least, as the billboard has been met with cries of “Islamophobia” and racism. In keeping with Shari’ah laws regarding blasphemy, the Muslim community has been calling for the billboard’s removal.

Duke University School of Law-graduate Dan Woodsmall came forward as the man who erected the billboard but has dutifully refrained from exposing his clients, who requested it. Woodsmall said before he considered putting up the sign, he thoroughly researched each bullet point to ensure the display was factual and accurate.

Woodsmall disclosed himself to local media outlets and declared he will gladly take it down—provided he is given proof his billboard’s information is false. While Muslims have been pressuring him to name the clients who solicited the sign, Woodsmall maintains he will not put them in danger. He commented, “My clients want this national conversation to happen if we are ever to overcome the violence that plagues Islam. This is not only pro-American but beneficial to Muslims who came to America to escape the Shari’ah.”

Unsurprisingly, no attempts to actually refute the billboard have been made. Instead, leftists and Muslims have resorted to their usual fanfare of temper-tantrums and cries of “racism” and “hate speech.” Reality is tough for snowflakes to deal with—who knew?


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