Is Peyton Manning Preparing To Go Into Politics?

[Source: Newsmax]
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Beloved footballer Peyton Manning has been making headlines for years—even for the most mundane of acts (e.g., grocery shopping in his bathrobe). His recent appearance alongside President Donald Trump at a golf course certainly has not gone unnoticed.

Manning is an unquestionable sports star who may even be headed for the Hall of Fame, but many people are starting to wonder about his post-football life. Some are wondering if Manning may even be considering a career in politics—especially given his golf game with President Trump and Tennessee Senator Bob Corker. In addition to their visit to Trump National Golf Course, Manning also made a trip to the White House.

It is being said Manning is an obvious choice to replace Tennessee’s other, volunteer, state senator, Lamar Alexander—if he should choose to retire come 2020. However, in past years, Manning has been adamant about not wishing to get involved with politics and is quoted as saying, “I don’t know where that came from. Last week, I was going to run a team; this week, I going to apparently run for Senate; and next week, I’ll be an astronaut. I have no interest in the political world but would like to continue serving communities.”

Regardless, Manning has a lot to look forward to in the coming months: not only will he be making is debut as an ESPYS host in July, the Indianapolis Colts will be revealing a statue to honor Manning before retiring his jersey this fall. Will golfing with Trump help his political “Game” or leave him on the sidelines?

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