SAPD Chief Says He’s Sick Of “Police Haters”

[Source: Kin Man Hui, San Antonio Express-News]
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In the aftermath of another, tragic, police shooting, San Antonio Police Chief William McManus expressed his frustration and said he is sick of “police haters.” There’s no doubt the shooting of two officers earlier this month is weighing heavily on the members of SAPD.

McManus and other SAPD officers met with South Side Saturday members for their monthly “Coffee With Cops” event this past weekend. SAPD hosts community events like this on a regular basis, as do many, other, police departments across the nation.

Sources say the police chief was visibly upset, which is more than understandable. Just the day before the event, Officer Miguel Moreno passed away after succumbing to the injuries he sustained during a shootout. Officer Julio Cavazos was also wounded during Thursday’s shootout near San Antonio College. SAPD sources say the shooter had an “extensive criminal history.” Cavazos was shot in the chest but is expected to recover.

“I’m angry at the police haters. I’m sick of the police haters,” McManus commented on Saturday. He added, “We protect them. We defend them. And they give us a big F U. And I’m sick of it.”

Even in spite of the growing challenges police departments face, there seems to be no shortage of citizens who appreciate the sacrifices officers make to serve their communities. Sources say Saturday’s event turned into an “impromptu memorial”  for Officer Moreno—flowers, blue balloons and other tokens of support pouring in. In to Many people dropped by the police headquarters on Santa Rosa to pay their respects and offer words of kindness and well-wishing to McManus and other officers. Local-resident Sylvia Ornelzas said of McManus, “You can hear it when he speaks (like) the other day when I heard him; you can hear that he worries about every, single, police officer [who] goes out and prays that they come back the same shift to their families.”


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