SJW Shaun King Says Majority-Black NFL Is “Anti-Black” For Not Signing Kaepernick

[Source: Daily Wire]
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Between Colin Kaepernick’s lackluster career as a quarterback for the 49ers and the fact his team lost every game he started in 2016, it’s really not surprising that not a single team on the NFL roster has wanted to sign him for the upcoming season. Now, in response, Shaun King is saying the majority-black NFL is racist because of it.

Kaepernick gained popularity among so-called social-justice warriors for his politically motivated grandstanding, which ever-so elegantly coincided with his rapidly declining career on the field.

Between his divisive, disrespectful protests, which alienated half of the NFL’s audience and his mediocre performance, it’s not that hard to imagine why the league’s teams were not lining up to make him offers.

But according to Shaun King, famed Black Lives Matter activist, it’s not a lack of talent keeping Kaepernick out of the game—its racism. In fact, King says he will be boycotting the NFL for their “blatant bigotry and anti-blackness.”

If you’ve watched a football game in the last few decades, you’ve probably noticed most of the players are black. In fact, 70 percent of NFL players are black—an increasing number of coaches are black as well.

King claims Kaepernick is being penalized for the “principled stance” he took last year, but his own team actually gave him the “inspiration award.” Even the former quarterback’s fans have admitted that this “stance” was taken at a very convenient time when his career was already on thin ice. As sources explain, Kaepernick also conveniently dropped his newfound principles and promised to stop protesting after his contract ended.

Regardless, King seems intent on shaming the teams of the NFL and the organization as a whole for not signing Kaepernick this year. But it’s pretty hard to play the race card when you’re fighting against an organization that is mostly black—and evidently, better at football than Colin Kaepernick.


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