Skittles Releases All-White Candy For Pride Month; The Internet INSTANTLY Explodes

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Many have been celebrating Pride this June—it was almost expected for Skittles to show their support. However, with all their good intentions, they inadvertently paved the road to their own, little Hell.

[Photo: Getty Images]
Mars, Inc., which brought the British confection to America in 1982, thought it was being creative when it stripped the assorted-colors candy of their rainbow array by releasing all-white Skittles with a black “S” in the middle. Unfortunately, like many products, the campaign was at the mercy of the Internet—there wasn’t much of it.

Bored had the details:

“‘Only one rainbow matters this pride. Give the rainbow; taste the rainbow,’ explains the back of the white, Skittles bag. And as you can see below, it isn’t just the packaging that’s lost its color—the Skittles are all white too! …great fun if you like a bit of mystery in your candy—not so much fun if you hate a particular flavour. The vibrant confectionery first ditched its colors for 2016 London Pride, but while many people consider it to be a fun and harmless marketing campaign, not everybody agrees—and some have even complained that it’s racist.”

The Skittles in question:

[Skittles-campaign flier | Source: Instagram/imgracelouise]
Cue the Twitter reel:

[Source: Twitter/TheSafestSpace]
[Source: Twitter/Jordan Walton]
[Source: Twitter/Oh-Knee]
[Source: Twitter/it’smadeleineyo]
While Mars seemingly didn’t put too much thought into this campaign (if at all), perhaps people should focus on the candy’s original intention and not make it about anything but that—they’re just Skittles.


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