Survey Finds Most Republicans Are Skeptical Of The “Benefits” Of College

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Recently,  Pew Research Center polling data revealed Republicans and Republican-leaning independents are becoming increasingly skeptical of college education and unhappy with the effects American colleges and universities are having on the country.

With safe spaces and protests against free speech running rampant, it’s no surprise 58 percent of freedom-loving Republicans (and those with Republican leanings) are opposed to the direction that so-called higher learning is pointing young people in. When combining said information with the huge sums of money students (and their parents) are paying for these increasingly useless degrees, it’s easy to see where this opinion originates.

While many liberal-media proponents have been quick to jump on this polling data and decry Republicans, it is pretty well known that today’s college students are constantly talking about their debt and inability to find jobs in their field of study. From gender studies to puppetry, students can get a degree in just about anything of interest, but that doesn’t mean there will be a job available for them upon graduation. As sources point out, “If someone isn’t inclined to study a hard STEM subject (Science, Technology, Engineering, Medicine) or another field with a high, employment rate (such as accounting or nursing), then young people would be far better off creating their own employment or going to a technical or trade school to learn an in-demand skill.”

But to the liberal elite, you cannot be intelligent and educated without a degree from a university; it doesn’t matter what your degree is in, so long as you have it.

This, of course, is false. There are many intelligent, hard-working people without degrees and making a killing, just as there’s a multitude of people with Master’s degrees—they usually work in retail or food service. Given all this, it’s no surprise that, as sources say, the 2016 Republican platform indicated it would challenge the higher-learning system to “balance its worth against its negative, economic impact on students and their families.”

No longer does a degree guaranteeing you a job. Many times, they are not worth the cost. Simply put, there is no substitution for practicality when it comes to your future. It’s not so much that Republicans have a “negative view” of college; it’s that they have a practical one.


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