Survey: Voters Sick Of Political Correctness Overwhelmingly Supported Trump

make america safe again [Source: Forbes]
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A new survey has shown that many Trump voters shared something in common: a distaste for the overbearing nature of “political correctness” in our society. It’s hard to argue with the fact that “politically correct” culture has grown into a veritable monster, turning everyone and everything against each other. And, as data reveals, many Americans are just plain tired of this nonsense.

The increasing amount of politically correct “sensitivities” is more than enough to drive normal, sane people to become angry with the current environment. The fact that “PC culture” was a strong motivator for Trump voters is not really all that surprising. But, it is certainly a slap in the face for those who insist that Trump voters are nothing but racists.

Even with the newfound information showing the true motivation behind many voters shared reason for supporting Trump, there is no doubt that liberals will continue to claim that anyone who opposes their will is a racist or fascist. It’s still debatable whether or not the left actually understands the true meaning of these words remains to be seen.

As reported, “believing ‘there is too much political correctness in this country’ was the second most reliable predictor of whether a given person intended to vote for Trump. The only better predictor was party affiliation: despite an abnormal campaign featuring an abnormal candidate, it remained the case that the overwhelming majority of Republicans voted for the Republican candidate, and the overwhelming majority of Democrats voted for the Democratic candidate.”



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