Texas Concealed Gun Owner Kills Gunman Before He Could Murder More People.

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Before pushing the whole “Stricter gun-control policy” agenda down the government’s throat maybe we should consider this — there are good gun owners and bad gun owners. Always have, and always will be.

And in a world where stricter gun policy doesn’t mean jacksh*t to bad gun owners, it’s only fair that more good guys should be allowed to carry weapons.

Concerned Conservative Country reader: “So, what’s the proof that this a good idea Ancil?”

I’m so glad you asked.

One concealed gun owner from Texas whose name hasn’t been revealed saved the day when he acted on behalf of all the scared folks at Zona Caliente Sports Bar and Grill and shot a crazed gunman.

The crazed gunman was identified as James Jones, 48, of Grand Prairie and he stormed into the Arlington, Texas bar and began acting “incoherently”, according to witnesses. The crazed gunman started yelling at the manager of the bar, 37-year-old Cesar Perez.

“When the suspect came in, he walked up to the bar and started yelling,” said police spokesperson Lt. Christopher Cook. “Customers said he was yelling incoherent and strange things.”

A normal day in a bar right?


Things went south (no pun intended) when Jones took out a gun and shot Perez dead.

One “Good Samaritan” or as I like to call him the “Good Gunman”, wasn’t about to let the gunman harm any of the good people in the bar, nor his wife who sat next to him. So the “Good Gunman” told his wife to get down before firing at the “Bad Gunman”.

“After he was struck once, the suspect started shooting at the front door,” Cook said. “We know people were trying to escape, but we’re not sure if he was just trying to harm others.”

The “Good Gunman” then fired at Jones more until he finally died, unable to hurt anyone again.

After Police inspected Jones’s body it was found that he had another gun on him and two knives.

“Had the Good Samaritan not intervened, there could have been further loss of life,” Cook said.

The “Good Gunman” will not be prosecuted for his actions because it was clearly an act in the service of the greater good. And the bar was a “blue sign” business so patrons are allowed to carry firearms on the premises. The “Good Gunman” did absolutely nothing wrong — and everything right.

So, the argument by many “misinformed” and “brainwashed” Liberals is that stricter gun control laws would have prevented Jones from even possessing a gun in the first place. BULLS**T! It has been proven time and time again that strict gun-control laws only disallows good people from owning guns while not hindering access to bad people. FACT!! One name alone proves my point: Cedric Anderson.

I rest my case!

Source: The Blaze


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