Texas Woman Helps Homeless Man Build A New Life

victor hubbard
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Victor Hubbard has been waiting for his mom to come get him for three years now, but she never did. Yet he kept on waiting for her on the street corner where she left him.

Many residents of Kemah, Texas, saw Hubbard standing between Nasa Road and El Camino Real, but did nothing. Ginger Sprouse, however, decided to disassociate herself from the crowd and actually find out his story. Married mother and Art of the Meal owner Sprouse, who offers cooking classes and hosts private parties, admitted she’d seen Hubbard a couple times but didn’t do anything to help.

But one day, in late December, she stopped her car and inquired about his situation to see how she could have helped.

“It really began to concern me and then I talked to a lot of people in the community and a lot of people wondered what was the deal,” Sprouse said in an interview.

Hubbard opened up to Sprouse, telling her how his mom left him, how he’s been living with mental illness and how he has no place to live.

Hubbard’s story moved Sprouse—it inspired her to make a Facebook page called “This is Victor.”

When Sprouse launched the Facebook page in December, she said, in a post: “I listen to people talking around town and keep hearing ‘someone needs to do something about that guy’. So I will be the organizer, and I hope that we as a community can be ‘someone’ together.”

The page eventually accrued followers—dozens of people volunteered to help the man.

Sprouse helped Hubbard as much as she could. She gave him a place to sleep, prepared meals for him, washed his clothes and even helped him set up appointments with a mental-health professional.

Overwhelming support!

“I’m so overwhelmed by the compassion by people,” Sprouse said, as others volunteered to help.

As the Facebook page racked up more and more fans, she created a GoFundMe Page for Hubbard, encouraged others to help Hubbard get back on his feet. The support was overwhelming, to say the least. The GoFundMe page raised more than $14,700 in donations. Currently, his Facebook page has over 22,000 fans.

But the amazingness doesn’t end there. He also got a job working as a cook in Sprouse’s kitchen—he couldn’t be happier.

“She came around and she kind of saved me,” Hubbard told local news. “She helped me. It’s like grace.”

But you think it ends there? No, it doesn’t. Thanks to the Facebook page, Hubbard was able to reunite with his mom after connecting with his uncle in east Texas.

“I got to talk to her, and I really feel like I accomplished something,” he said.

“He is a smiling, happy addition to my team,” Sprouse said. “I’m so proud.”

This is such an amazing story. Sprouse has proven there are still good people in this world. I’m 100-percent certain there are more people like her in this world. I would do everything in my power to ensure these people get the recognition they deserve. Let’s get in the habit of spreading good news! Don’t forget to share this story with your friends on Facebook.


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