Thurman Thomas To Join First-Ever New York Craft Beer Challenge

[Source: NY Daily News]
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The first-ever New York Craft Beer Challenge just got a bit more exciting, as the state’s own Thurman Thomas–a famed NFL football player–will be joining the festivities. Thomas will be using a different set of skills to help taste-test the beers featured at the challenge in New York City, which will be taking place on Wednesday, May 17th.

New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo made the announcement that Thomas would be appearing at the NY Craft Beer Challenge’s premiere recently, and anticipation for the event is “overflowing.”

In a press release, Cuomo commented, “The incredibly high level of participation in the Taste NY Craft Beer Challenge demonstrates the passion New Yorkers hold for their local beer and the major economic impact of craft breweries in every corner of this state.”

Thurman Thomas isn’t the only famous face that will be adorning the event. Some of the other stars that will be there include famed chef and Food Network star Chef Mario Batali, the editor of Food and Wine magazine Noah Kaufman, and Treadwell Park’s beer director and writer Anne Beccera.

The craft beer industry has been booming, and when small businesses are doing good, so is the economy. As Thurman Thomas commented in his press release, “The craft beer industry is a key part of the New York economy all across the state, and we have some of the finest brews in the nation. I’m looking forward to tasting some of the best, and encourage people to keep voting for their favorite up until the deadline!”



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