Tony Gwynn Jr. Playing Baseball And Brewing, Just Like Dad

tony gwynn jr [Source: Denver Post]
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Baseball is one of America’s most beloved pastimes, and an ice cold beer has long been the beverage of choice for cheering crowds around the country. Baseball and beer seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly; go to any stadium, bar or living room in America, and you will find people enjoying a bottle or pint of their favorite beer while they watch the game. Now, new legacies are being formed on the field on at breweries. Just ask Tony Gwynn Jr.

Is it any surprise that famous and beloved baseball players are choosing to craft their own beers? While it may seem like it’s an odd choice, the pairing of beer and baseball is classic. Tony Gwynn Jr., for example, is currently crafting up a new session IPA (India Pale Ale) for the masses at AleSmith Brewing Company, located in sunny San Diego, CA. The city of San Diego describes itself as the “craft beer capital” of the country.

Gwynn Jr. has reportedly been following in his famous father’s footsteps; he’s played ball for San Diego State, as well as the Padres–and now, he’s crafting his own beer. Tony Gwynn, Gwynn Jr.’s father, was a famous baseball player that even made it to the Hall of Fame–and AleSmith Brewing Co. even has a beer that’s dedicated to him: the .394, named after the late Gwynn’s highest batting average. Gwynn passed away in June 2014 after fighting cancer.

Gwynn’s .394 beer has been a big hit in San Diego. While he loves his father’s beer, Gwynn Jr wants to bring something a little different to the table. Gwynn Jr. is crafting a session IPA–named as such because the lower alcohol content allows you to enjoy more beers during a drinking session.

The younger Gwynn is hopeful that his beer will be just as popular as his dad’s. As recently reported, That would make me feel fantastic,” Gwynn said. “I would like to do something that is equal to my dad. I mean, I couldn’t play baseball as equal to him. … If I could make a beer that people enjoy half as well as they enjoy my dad’s, I would be thrilled.”



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