Are Trans Fats Causing Heart Attacks, Strokes?

trans fats [Source: NBC News]
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Three years ago many counties in the State of New York banned Trans Fats, and now researchers have found that heart attack and stroke rates went down by 6 percent. The chemical process used to make Trans Fats make them very unhealthy–which s said to make them “solid like butter.” They are so dangerous that there is national ban on them taking effect in 2018.

The dangerous fat clogs arteries and can cause extreme bodily harm. They can be found in “oils used to make cookies, crackers, microwave popcorn and to fry fast food,” and there is a strong chance that the majority of Americans have eaten them.

It’s hard to believe that something found in food across the nation could be so deadly. The public is just finding out more information on Trans Fats, and considering that there is a national ban starting soon it makes one wonder–just how much does the government know about them, and why hasn’t the public been made aware sooner?

As recently reported, “There was an additional 6.2 percent decline in hospital admissions for myocardial infarction (heart attack) and stroke among populations living in counties with vs without trans-fatty acid restrictions,” they wrote.

“A nationwide trans fat ban is a win for the millions of people at risk for cardiovascular disease,” Brandt said in a statement.”

“The team did not measure deaths but lower rates of strokes and heart attacks have been shown in many studies to results in lower rates of deaths, as well.”

Will the rates of heart attacks, strokes, and deaths related to clogged arteries dramatically decrease after the ban?



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