United Airlines: Passenger Stung After Scorpion Falls From Overhead Compartment

scorpion [Source: Daily Mail]
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United Airlines has had a rough week. There has been a large backlash against the company after a video–which has since gone viral–showed one of their customers getting bloodied and dragged off a flight.

The customer, who has since been identified as physician Dr. David Dao, didn’t do anything to warrant being physically removed from the plane. The incident happened because United Airlines oversold the flight, and instead of finding a financial incentive that met a proper equilibrium (to entice someone to give up their seat), they forcibly removed a customer.

The doctor stands to take in a large sum of money from the disgraced airline–the settlement is expected to be settled out of court through a “payoff” that could reach millions of dollars.

As horrible as the fallout has been from the event, it now appears that United has a whole new problem on their hands after a scorpion just stung a passenger after falling from the overhead compartment.

As reported, “A scorpion fell from an overhead bin and stung a man on a United Airlines flight from Houston to Calgary.

The news comes after the airline sparked outrage earlier in the week when a video surfaced of a passenger being dragged off an overbooked United Express flight.

Richard and Linda Bell were on United flight 1418 flying home through Houston from a vacation in Mexico when a feisty, eight-legged creature showed up.

The scorpion fell on Mr. Bell’s head from the overhead compartment.”

It’s hard to imagine just how much damage has been permanently done to United Airlines reputation after their brand has now transformed into a punchline for late night comedy shows.





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