Waitress Makes $3,600 in Donations After Receiving ‘Racist Note.’ Now Her Story’s Falling Apart.

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Virginia waitress Kelly Carter made headlines last month when she claimed she received no tip and a racist note on a receipt from a customer she waited on, which read, “Great service, don’t tip black people.”

The story got loads of attention from liberal sites like The Huffington Post and Raw Story, national publications and also from the NAACP and the VA attorney general. She was even able to rake in thousands of dollars in donations.

However, according to the customer’s lawyer, Daniel Hebda, the whole thing is actually a “hate” hoax. Hebda says that the customer actually tipped the waitress one penny for her poor service, not her race, leaving a note on the receipt that simply read, “terrible service.” Hebda says someone forged his client’s name and wrote the racist message on a new copy of the receipt.

“Our client did not nor would he ever write anything about refusing to tip African-Americans because of their race,” stated Hebda.

“Our client has no ill feelings towards African Americans. Our client did not leave a $0.00 tip. Our client tipped $0.01 out of his own conviction against tipping well for poor service,” he added.

And there are now a few sources that have been finding holes in Carter’s story. As noted by The Daily Caller, “the receipt she posted online was printed several hours after Anita’s New Mexico Cafe closed. The receipt also bore markings showing that it was a reprint of an original receipt.”

Hebda is now demanding the restaurant “set the story straight and find out who is responsible.”

Despite the holes in the story, Carter still managed to rake in over $3,600 in donations after Virginia resident Brandon Ellis opened up an online fundraiser for the woman. Additionally, Tommy Tellez, Carter’s boss, said customers began pouring into the restaurant and “dropping off cash” after the report of the alleged racist incident.

“I was appalled, though it’s kind of in line with the political landscape,” said Tellez, last month.

Carter even became a local celebrity, receiving national attention online and a visit by NAACP officials and Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring.

WTOP reports that the NAACP is “standing behind Carter.”

“It’s sad any way it goes,” said Philip Thompson, president of the NAACP Loudon chapter.

I’m not going to sit here and call Carter a liar but if she did fabricate a story of racism to draw attention to herself then I will be very disappointed, not only in her but everyone who supported her. It’s a sad and desperate thing to do.


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