Wal-Mart Apologizes For Advertising Guns As “Back-To-School” Items

[Photo: Reuters]
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Wal-Mart has issued an apology for a store display that seemed to depict guns as “back-to-school” items. A sign, “Own the school year like a hero,” was placed over a glass gun case—outrage ensued as pictures of the display spread across social media. While at first it was unclear what store had posted the sign, Wal-Mart’s corporate office recently revealed it was a store in Indiana. Sources say the sign has since been taken down, but questions still remain.

Wal-Mart reportedly called the signage “truly awful” and “horrible” in response to complaints. Many people felt the sign was inappropriate and made light of the tragic, school shootings that have occurred in recent years.

Spokesman Charles Crowson commented, “What’s seen in this photograph would never be acceptable in our stores. We regret this situation and are looking into how it could have happened.”

One person asked the company over social media, “What are you suggesting?”

While many were quick to assume the sign was meant to offend and make a mockery of school shootings, you might also ask if the sign was placed there to evoke a different message—one where students are encouraged to be able to protect themselves. The Second Amendment has taken a lot of heat lately, with liberals constantly pushing for more gun control and more gun-free zones. While criminals are often holding a gun, heroes usually are too. Many people feel it won’t solve anything to take away guns from law-abiding citizens—perhaps that was the plight of whoever posted that sign above the gun case.

(Or maybe there was no intention at all, and an employee was just carelessly putting up signs. Either way, Wal-Mart has apologized for their purported offense.) But just imagine if we lived in a world where guns were considered “back-to-school” items…


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