Walmart Employees Break Window To Save Baby In Hot Car In South Carolina

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Leaving your baby alone in a car is never a good idea, especially in the blistering sun. This is a relatively basic statement and it’s usually like within the first few pages of the great big book of common sense. But yet still, this kind of behavior persists to the peril of many babies. Another baby was almost added among the statistics but thanks to a brave few Walmart employees that baby is alive today.

Police reports state that a baby was left in a hot car outside of a Walmart store on Wednesday in South Carolina. At first, no one even noticed the baby but when one shopper passed nearby the car she heard the sound of a baby crying. The shopper, who was a mother herself followed the crying and saw the little 6-month-old baby all alone in the hot car, sweating profusely.

The woman first tried to open the van doors but when she realized that she couldn’t she quickly ran inside and alerted store employees. The store employees stopped everything they were doing and ran to the baby’s rescue. When they arrived at the van they saw the baby crying and shaking and did the only thing they could at the time to save the baby: they broke the glass.

After breaking the glass one of the store employees unbuckled car seat straps and pulled the baby out. The seat was described by one of the employees as “soaked in sweat.”

The employees then contacted law enforcement who then took the baby to Spartanburg Regional Medical Center.

According to the incident report, the child’s father had forgotten her in the car while in Walmart. He said to the police that he hadn’t slept that night and was up since 1am.

Following the incident, Walmart released a statement: “We cannot stress enough the importance that parents always check their cars and have their children with them at all times while at our stores. We’re grateful this baby wasn’t hurt and that the quick thinking of our associates and local emergency crews helped prevent the situation from taking a tragic turn.”

The baby was not hurt in the incident.

Source: Fox News


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