The Washington Post Claims Fox News Is “Fake News”

washington post [Source: Huffington Post]
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A recent hit-piece by the Washington Post has gone after Fox News, going so far as to say that the news outlet “undermines a free and independent press.” The irony of this sentiment is almost too much to bear.

According to liberal sources, the fact that Fox News airs shows with pundits such as Bill O’Reilly or Sean Hannity where they, heaven forbid, “sit at a news-like desk and conduct post-debate interviews” is some kind of “blurring of the lines” when it comes to news.

Let’s be clear: virtually every news outlet you can find on cable television features shows that are geared towards a specific audience. Many of the mainstream media networks are obviously left-leaning and are without a doubt comparable to shows the shows on Fox News that were just attacked. The only difference is that when you are a liberal show, you aren’t a target for large newspapers to print hit pieces on your outlet.

Shortsightedness seems to be a rampant problem in the liberal community; it’s a rare occasion when they are self-aware enough to realize that they are guilty of the same “crimes” they blame on others.

Calling Fox News “fake news” is inherently myopic when one considers that the liberal media is famous for blowing things out of proportion–when they aren’t caught making up news.

The Left-wing media has even gone so far as to liken Trump’s travel ban from terrorist-laden countries to the travesty of Japanese internment camps. The left conveniently forgets that their beloved Obama implemented similar travel bans throughout his presidency.

How many more conservative networks and shows will be attacked for having hosts speak against liberalism?



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