Wife Finds Disabled Vet In Tears Then Sees What Neighbor Had Done

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We love and appreciate vets here at Conservative Country and take every opportunity there is to shed light on these brave men and women. Today, the vet at the center of this article is former-combat-engineer Christopher Garrett.

While serving in Afghanistan, the young Garrett got shot in his belly and was forced to retire.

Garrett tried adapting to a normal life—away from all the violence and war—but the transition wasn’t easy.

Garrett was given a 100-percent disability rating, so performing some normal day-to-day tasks proved very difficult for him. One such chore was mowing the lawn, which Garrett attempted often with an old-fashioned push mower.

It was difficult, but he still did it, refusing to let his disability stop him from being the man of the house.

One day, however, when Garrett’s wife, Brittany, went outside to check on Garrett, she saw him crying. Brittany quickly ran to her husband’s side to find out what was wrong:

A neighbor, who saw Garrett toiling with the old-fashioned lawn mower, decided to help out the veteran by buying him a new, John Deere, riding lawn mower. And with it, a letter: “I hope this saves time for the things that matter most in your life. Thank you for your service and for my freedom. Sincerely, A grateful American.”

This was such a beautiful thing for the neighbor to do, and it moved the young vet to tears. The neighbor wanted to remain anonymous, so we can’t publicly praise them for their wonderful act—but hats off to whoever they are. They have done a great service to Garrett and his family.


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