Will This New “Wonder Drug” Eliminate Dementia?

brain [Source: BBC]
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For many years, scientists have worked to find a cure for neurodegenerative, brain diseases. Millions are affected by these diseases—dementia is often the trigger. Will a cure ever be found? It’s being reported that scientists may already have one—or two.

In the past, there have been breakthroughs in the fight against neurodegenerative, brain diseases. One famous advancement came four years ago when a team was able to stop an animals-brain cells from dying. Unfortunately, the discovery was unable to be used in humans. The “compound used was unsuitable for people, as it caused organ damage.”

Luckily, there are now two, new drugs for humans that mirror the effects of the original advancement (that was only suitable for animals). Pharmaceuticals DBM and trazodone are causing excitement throughout the medical community.

As reported, “Dr Doug Brown, from the Alzheimer’s Society, said, ‘We’re excited by the potential of these findings, from this well conducted and robust study. … As one of the drugs is already available as a treatment for depression, the time taken to get from the lab to the pharmacy could be dramatically reduced.’”

Although the drugs’ initial results are creating lots of optimism, trials on dementia patients are still a few years away. Leicester-based Medical Research Council Toxicology Unit Professor Giovanna Mallucci will know “whether the drugs work within two to three years.”

Are we close to the biggest anti-neurodegenerative-brain-disease breakthrough in history? Maybe, but we won’t know if the possible, future “wonder drug” is actually going to work for a couple more years.



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