Six, Special Benefits Medal Of Honor Recipients Are Entitled To.

Medal of Honor
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Medal of Honor recipients are all great men and women. They risked their lives to accomplish valiant tasks for the good of the American people—not many can say they’ve done the same in their lifetime. There’s an unfathomable pride that comes with being bestowed with a medal of honor.

But are pride and international acknowledgment the only benefits that come with being a Medal of Honor recipient? Actually, there are a lot more benefits—I have six right here:

  1. Their children or dependents get first preference from military academies.

    When choosing candidates to fill the few seats in a new, freshman class at the Army, Navy and Air Force military academies, children of MoH recipients are always chosen—even if they are no more seats left.

  2. A stipend.

    The US government grants Moh recipients a monthly stipend of $1,299—in addition to a 10-percent “base retirement pay.”

  3. Free and preferred lifelong access to “Space-A” travel.

    “Space A” travel is a special service where complimentary flights are granted to military personnel and their dependents if seating’s available. The service is also extended to some veterans, but MoH recipients get free and preferred access to seats for as long as they live.

  4. Special reserved parking at on-base amenities.

    An MoH recipient gets reserved parking at many “on-base amenities”—e.g., pools, gyms and other things of the sort.

  5. Special salute status.

    Salutes are usually based on an “up-the-rank structure”—low-tier soldiers salute those in higher positions. But anyone can salute a MoH recipient first—even if the MoH recipient isn’t in uniform. It’s not mandatory to salute an MoH recipient, but it is highly encouraged if the medal is being displayed on the soldier.

  6. Their headstones are engraved with gold letters and full, burial honors.

    An MoH recipient is privy to full, burial honors which are usually only unique to retirees and active-duty service members. More, their headstones are engraved with gold letters.

I reckon there are more, but these are the six I promised to deliver. These great men and women deserve to be honored for their brave acts. I salute all MoH recipients and those to come.


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