Eighty-Seven Percent Of Illegal-Alien Households With Children Are On Government Assistance

illegals on welfare [Source: Breitbart]
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Welfare-enabled-illegals charts are making rounds again across social media—Ann Coulter initially tweeted the astonishing number of illegals living off tax-payer dollars. According to a CIS Report from 2012 (and heavily promoted in 2015), a whopping 62 percent of illegals are draining the system. What’s even worse is that 87 percent of illegal-alien-plus-children households are on some form of government assistance.

Comparatively, about half as many US-citizen households are on some form of government aid. The results are shocking to many who are seeing the charts for the first time—especially as the left-leaning media’s narrative continues to describe illegals as those who are simply coming to the United States for “work.”

Fortunately, President Trump doesn’t believe in being politically correct; because of this, he is able to move forward in his attempts to clean up the mess we are in with illegals. More, there are already hundreds of companies who’ve signed up to bid for building the border wall.

After the borders are secure and deportations continue, it is without a doubt many of the United States’ financial issues will be solved. A country cannot survive when individuals milk the system’s resources rather than pay into it.

“CIS noted in its study that ‘illegal immigrant households primarily benefit from food programs and Medicaid through their US-born children.’

The report also noted about 87 percent of households headed by an illegal alien with children were on some form of government assistance.”

illegals on welfare chart
[Native VS Illegal Welfare Chart | Source: MRCTV]
It’s time to stop the insanity by getting these freeloaders (and their anchor babies) out of our country.


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