Majority Of Texans Want Police To Ask About “Immigration Status”

immigration [Source: BizPacReview]
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Texas always seems to lead the nation in “common sense.” While there are blue states hoping to morph their “Santuary Cities” into “Sanctuary States,” Texas’ Governor Greg Abbott has threatened to throw Sherrifs who support sanctuary cities (and those who refuse to follow federal immigration law) into jail. Now, democrats and republicans are both coming together with an idea that would be impossible elsewhere; to support checking criminals “immigration status.”

It’s hard to imagine that something as basic as making sure criminals are not illegally in the country is controversial–but it is. We live in post-Obama America, where illegal aliens get better healthcare than US veterans, where men can use women’s bathrooms.

It has recently been reported that ICE has been detaining illegal aliens who don’t have criminal records–a group that many thought would be protected. The fact is that illegal aliens are breaking the law just by being in the US.

As reported, “A large majority of both Republicans and Democrats in Texas think police officers should be permitted to check the immigration status of someone they arrest, according to an annual poll from non-partisan leadership organization Texas Lyceum.

Overall, 93 percent of respondents said immigration status should be checked when a person is arrested for a crime, with 99 percent of self-identified Republicans and 88 percent of Democrats expressing support for such a policy.”

Although police may start by just asking criminals immigration status, there is a possibility that the “status check” may transform into a standard procedure for everyone police happen to pull over. Is Texas on their way to being the first state to make immigration status checks a requirement?



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