ACLU Hopes To Force Wisconsin Taxpayers To Pay For Genital Mutilation

Zoey Tur [Source: Hollywood Reporter]
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The insanity surrounding transgender people who try to force their mental delusions on the general public seems to never end. Now, two University employees are fighting to have Wisconsin taxpayers pay for their sex changes. Not surprisingly, the ACLU is supporting the mentally ill individuals with a lawsuit against the, “University of Wisconsin System and its board of regents, as well as some insurers.” Should Wisconsin citizens be forced to pay for genital mutilation?

The University employees feel that they are being discriminated against because they want to have sex changes, and relate the problem to many insured people who are denied treatment for various illnesses. Unfortunately, that argument is a hard one to make, considering that so many people are denied treatments for countless illnesses. To say all these people are all being discriminated against is ridiculous.

As reported, “Andrews paid for gender reassignment surgery out of pocket and then sought to be reimbursed through insurance but was denied.

Boyden has decided not to have his sex change because his taxpayer-subsidized insurance plan won’t help foot the bill.

There has been no change in Wisconsin law or policy concerning the funding of sex-change operations by taxpayers. The state has not provided such coverage for a long time.”

“Last year, state officials contemplated using taxpayer funds to sponsor health insurance plans offering sex changes. Ultimately, however, there was no policy change.”

Hopefully common sense wins and Wisconsin tax payers aren’t left to “foot the bill” for the genital mutilation of University employees. Will the transgender crazyness end anytime soon?



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