Anti-Shari’ah Rallies Planned For Twenty-Eight US Cities June 10

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The state of the nation has to really be questioned when the threat of terror’s so real a “March Against Shari’ah—March for Human Rights” event is in the works. ACT! For America will be facilitating this awareness effort on June 10th—28 cities have pledged their participation.

More, US citizens are seeing the true dangers of Shari’ah Law—female-genital mutilation, honor violence, apostasy rules and blasphemy. Those are the primary issues Shari’ah Law is perpetuating in North America—in addition to other problems.

Act! For America Founder Brigitte Gabriel is leading the charge against these obstacles, as she herself grew up in Lebanon and endured a lot of the horrors now seen in the nation.

[Brigitte Gabriel | Source:]
“We want to increase awareness about certain practices that are starting to happen in our country with the rise of Islamic immigration, because we are now hearing about female-genital mutilation—like the cases in Detroit recently announced by the Department of Justice,” Gabriel said in an interview. “Who would have thought in 21st century America, after what women did working so hard in defense of women’s rights that we’d be talking about little girls being horribly mutilated, and that 513,000 girls are at risk of this barbaric Third World procedure, according to the CDC [Centers for Disease Control].”

ACT! For America’s event will be looking closely at honor killings/violence. “It’s already here in America,” Gabriel added. “We’re seeing girls being killed simply for wanting to wear makeup. Under our Constitution, they deserve the same rights and protections.”

Gabriel went on to explain that US feminists have been “completely silent on this issue, and that is why we are trying to humanize this issue by putting names behind these atrocities. On our website, we have faces of girls and woman who have been killed in the name of honor by their husbands in America. We want to personalize these faces; so when people hear about honor killing and FGM, they know it is happening here in America to American girls and women—not just in Pakistan or India or Saudi Arabia.”

ACT! For America supporter and march-organizer Scott Presler’s vigilant of the left’s possible attempts to portray the forthcoming event as “Islamophobic” and anti-Muslim activism—typical in the left’s fight for the Islamic agenda.

[Scott Presler | Source:]
Presler stressed their event is completely open to proponents of FGM, honor killings and those in favor of death to Muslim’s who’ve renounced Islam. “You cannot be pro-Shari’ah and call yourself a feminist—that is called fake feminism (people like Linda Sarsour are fake feminists and hypocrites),” Presler said as he called out the Washington Women’s March leader who commanded the protest upon President Trump winning the 2016 election.

“And we’re not afraid to call them out. … We are here to protect our communities and educate them on the issues and get them to call their legislators to pass legislation that protects women and other victims of Shari’ah.”

Presler’s eye-opening moment occurred June 12th, 2016—an Afghan immigrant’s Jihad-happy son brought brutal hostility to Orlando’s (FL) Pulse Nightclub via murdering 49 people.

“I came out as gay after the attack on Pulse. I never intended to come out—at least not this soon—but after it happened, I felt I had to take a stand; I felt obligated; I had to fight for my community (my country),” Presler said in an interview.

Homosexuals aren’t granted the right to marriage in Shari’ah Law, Muslim-majority countries. Those places are currently assessing the most effective method for reprimanding such people—Saudi Arabia (as well as others) are deciding on ways to execute them (e.g., beheading or building-top drops). (Yeah…so civilized.)

[Homosexuals are blindfolded and thrown off buildings in Iraq. | Photo: Reuters]
“We are under attack simply because of our sexuality. Just like women, just for being born a female, you are already under attack, and I think that’s demonstrative of how extreme radical Islam really is,” Presler noted. “I had to educate myself, and now I’m trying to educate others.”

It was also upon the nightclub murders that Presler joined ACT! For America. “I had seen Brigitte Gabriel’s videos in the past, but after Orlando, that was my wake-up call. Her wake-up call was 9/11, whereas my wake-up call was Pulse Nightclub,” Presler said—a Virginia native residing in Virginia Beach.

In Gabriel’s interview, she said AFA’s first nationwide anti-Shari’ah marches aim to truly show people the dangers of Islamic philosophies and how it affects US citizens.

Don’t Make Europe’s Mistake(s)

“We have former imams speaking, former Muslims, gays, women who survived acid attacks—we have everybody coming together and speaking, saying, ‘we are fed up.’ We do not want to go down the path of Europe,” she said. “What is going on in Europe is a preview of what is coming to America and in fact is already here.”

Gabriel, too, referenced the nightclub terror to illustrate Muslims struggling to adapt to US culture. “We want to remind Americans what Shari’ah says about gays. We have a lot of people in America who may not agree with the gay lifestyle, but they would never go out and kill gays and certainly don’t teach their kids to go into gay nightclubs and blow people up,” she explained. “So we want to wake up Americans and make them aware of who we are inviting into our country; we want people to come here who love America and our freedoms and who believe we are all equal in the eyes of God—we want them to assimilate, to adopt our laws, and respect the American culture, not go on importing people into our country who hold values that are completely opposed to our values, our country, our Constitution. … They are welcome to come here, but they are not welcome to mutilate their daughters’ genitals or beat their wives or kill homosexuals.”

Presler added that while a lot of cities facilitate marches, AFM’s ensuring their efforts happen in cities and states that’ve been victims of terrorism, FGM and/or honor violence—e.g., New York, Orlando, Minnesota, San Bernadino, Atlanta and Michigan are on their list. They’re also holding one in Richardson (TX)—re: the 2008 Holy Land Foundation terror-financing trial.

More, a 42-year-old, Lawrenceville (GA)-native Dami Arno and her teen daughter survived a physical beating from a Muslim-Somalian refugee back in 2016. The burqa-donned woman went after them with their own American-flag pole. Fortunately, a neighbor caught sight of this and stopped her.

ACT! For America’s Austin (TX) event will feature FGM survivor Lauren Morris.

[Video: courtesy of AFM & L M]

“The left will try to make this about hate, saying this is anti-Muslim. No, who is affected by FGM more than Muslim women? We are working for human rights and to protect Muslim women everywhere,” Presler said. “The virtuous left pretends to be for human rights and women’s rights, but then they’re defending those who want to establish Shari’ah Law—it’s just very hypocritical. … What we are doing with this march is uniting people together. You talk to the average guy in the street—he doesn’t know 513,000 girls in America are at risk of FGM. Silence is approval. I can’t be more adamant in making that statement, show up for the rallies or be OK with it. This is not anti-Muslim; this is helping to protect all women—including Muslims.”

Virginia Beach, AFM patrons can expect Iranian-American Patriots Founder Dr. Muhammed Hamzepour to speak at their rally. The IAP heavily supported Trump’s candidacy during the election. Dr. Hamzepour may be Muslim, he frowns upon Iran’s state of affairs and has been verbal about his belief that Team Trump will bring about an “overthrow of the terrorist government of Iran.” Christian Miriam Ibrahim can also be expected, as she’ll be talking about her time spent in a Sudanese prison for her religious beliefs.

Seattle folks will have some time with former-Muslim, Iranian-ex-patriot Mark Lori—pro-Shari’ah Law Muslims consider him an apostate, which dictates the death penalty in Islam-majority countries. It was 1993 when Lori switched to Christianity then later launched Hayate Abadi Ministries—Farsi for “eternal life” (the language of Persia). Catch his ministry show on television, the radio and Internet. In the midst of his imam studies, he realized God’s truth in Christianity.

[AFM’s anti-Shari’ah March is thus far scheduled for 28 cities in 21 states. | Source:]

The Clock Is Ticking For America Becoming Another Europe

“So we have great speakers from all faiths, all walks of life, uniting for this common charge,” Presler said. “And we will also be in San Bernardino literally outside the center where 14 people were killed by those two terrorists [Sayed Farooq and wife Tashfeen Malik].”

The pro-Shari’ah Law couple made their way to the US—Malik’s entry via fiancée visa from Saudi Arabia.

“So it’s very hard for the left to come against these speakers who have experienced these atrocities—in many cases first-hand,” Presler said. “The total count right now is 28 cities in 21 states, and this has been put together in two months. The turn-around has been very quick.”

Presler added that ACT!’s goal is for March Against Shari’ah to happen annually.

Presler’s committed to educated North America’s masses on standing up to Shari’ah Law—to not be afraid of being called “Islamophobic”—a part of the Shari’ah blasphemy laws. “Brigitte Gabriel always talks about the 100-year doctrine for [conquering] America,” Presler said. “It’s very true. Look at San Bernardino—the neighbor didn’t say anything to police because he was afraid of being labeled an Islamophobe. People are afraid to speak out.”

Gabriel views ACT! For America as a crucial, “resistance movement” to fight Islamization of US cities enduring over-the-top immigration rules. “And we are going to protect America and preserve our freedoms like the Founding Fathers preserved it for us, and that is exactly what we are trying to do with these rallies,” Gabriel declared.

[Video: courtesy of ACT!For America]

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