Anti-Trump Star Fights Global Warming But Won’t Give Up 14 Homes And Private Jet

johnny depp
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Liberals are hypocrites. I have said this time and time again—it remains as relevant today as it was yesterday. Today’s featured liberal is actor Johnny Depp. The celebrity made headlines a couple weeks ago when he jokingly implied that President Trump should be assassinated. But this article isn’t about that. It is all about Johnny Depp’s global-warming stance is ultimately smoke and mirrors.

Johnny Depp is an extreme global-warming activist. He came in second place to battle environmental issues. More, he once tried to acquire rights to the theatrical adaptation of a book entailing the dangerous effects of global warming.

But all that activism is clearly just a show. Depp himself works to convince people to actively fight climate issues while simultaneously owning 14 homes and a private jet. Way to be climate conscious, Depp!

The information was released in a recent lawsuit against the actor. Depp’s former, business managers issued a cross-complaint and information regarding his lavish and heavy CFC-emitting lifestyle. Amid facing financial problems, Depp refused to give up his private jet, as flying commercial would be a “nightmare of monumental proportions” due to media hounds.

Now, owning 14 homes and a private jet isn’t a crime in itself, but it just shows the level of hypocrisy among liberals. They preach against fire but turn up the heat!


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