Antifa Protester: “F**k Your F**king Constitution, We’re Here To Punch Nazis”

[Another antifa protester in Seattle burns the American flag| Source: King/ WFAA/ ABC]
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One unmasked antifa protester lost their temper during a rally in Seattle and began screaming obscenities at another leftist group for refusing to go along with antifa’s violence. At the so-called Solidarity Against Hate March in Seattle, WA, demanding that others “throw down” and “punch Nazis” is a bit ironic. But peddling hatred and calling it “peace” is par for the course when it comes to antifa rioters.

The black-clad protester began her tirade by declaring she knew the woman who was struck and killed by a car during the Charlottesville, VA protest earlier this month. “I didn’t create a debate, because that’s not why we’re here,” she yelled at her fellow protesters. She continued by lecturing her fellow leftists on how non-violent protesting was not good enough.
“We fight f***ing Nazis. We punch them, we hurt them, we prevent them from having a platform,” she screeched.

Sources say that a conservative group, Patriot Prayer, organized a demonstration for the solidarity march. Antifa and other left-wing protestors showed up to counter-protest them. Antifa members reportedly showed up armed with weapons and carrying shields, ready to fight. But things got a little frustrating for the left-wing hate group when their fellow leftist comrades refused to partake in their violence.

The unmasked antifa protester lambasted other leftists for “failing” antifa. “You failed us. All of you who stood by when we were like, ‘Please, please follow us. The Nazis are that way!’ F**k your f***ing Constitution, f**k your liberal Bernie bulls**t. We are here to fight Nazis,” she yelled.

She continued by saying that anyone who didn’t pick up a shield and join their call to arms was doing nothing more than “masturbating in the streets” and “just want to feel good” about themselves.

While the mainstream media has been loath to report on it, antifa’s violence against conservatives is growing—and now it seems even some liberals don’t want to be a part of it.


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