Arnold Says He Quit The Apprentice, Quickly Gets Corrected By Trump, “He Was Fired”

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Arnold Schwarzenegger, movie star and former governor of California, took over hosting duties for The Apprentice after Donald Trump left the role to run for president. Schwarzenegger has not been a fan of Trump, and it’s not a secret there is bad blood between the two. Both men have exchanged shots at each other publicly through tweets and videos. Now, it looks like Schwarzenegger’s words were just corrected by Trump in a hilarious fashion.

The feud between the two appears to have begun after the President Trump started talking about the failing ratings of the show—Schwarzenegger claimed it was Trump’s fault. It is ironic that Schwarzenegger is blaming bad ratings on someone who is known for bringing in massive viewership. It is obvious people simply aren’t interested in watching the former governor.

It isn’t just the shows ratings that have been hurting the once-large box-office-drawing celebrity—his recent movies have tanked. Is Schwarzenegger’s career over?

At the height of the ratings feud, Schwarzenegger would post a video telling Trump to switch jobs with him—all so that the American people “can finally sleep again.”

Recently, the feud escalated after Schwarzenegger made claims he left the show due to the president’s continued involvement as a producer for the once-hit series. Trump responded to his claim in the fashion we have all come to expect from the politically incorrect president.

“‘Arnold Schwarzenegger isn’t voluntarily leaving The Apprentice, he was fired by his bad (pathetic) ratings, not by me. Sad end to great show,’ the president tweeted on Saturday morning.”

It looks like we may see more fighting between the two celebrities, which is ironic because like the president, Arnold is also a Republican (a rarity in liberal California).


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