BIKE-LOCK-Wielding, Trump-Hating, Anti-Fa Terrorist Identified as Local PROFESSOR! (VIDEO)

[AntiFa squares off with Pro-Trumpers at Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park in Berkeley, CA. | Photo: Anda Chu/Bay Area News Group]
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Another liberal-driven attack went down in Berkeley, as Anti-Fa activists and Trump supporters found themselves in a verbal standoff—popularly called “The Battle of Berkeley.” While the leftists shouted their ridiculous rhetoric, one of their member went way too far.

Thanks to Internet-based free-speech supporters, Diablo Valley College Professor Eric Clanton is now prime-suspect number one. Through crowdsourcing, 4Chan’s /pol/ pin-pointed the professor as the incognito assailant who attacked a guy who was seemingly trying to keep the peace.

The following footage features Clanton in an aggressive, sinister and non-academic persona:

[Video: courtesy of Shuttershot 45]

Oddly enough, Clanton teaches philosophy at DVC. Supposedly, he earned his degree at SFSU—i.e., Liberal City. Have a closer look at Clanton:

[Video: courtesy of Wild Smile]

He also uses his position to impart his anarchistic philosophies onto his students:

[Source: Twitter/Red Pill]

But again, tenacious and perceptive, Internet users (honorary detectives) put in much time and effort to nail Clanton as the masked instigator.

[All collages: courtesy of]
/pol/ News Network has been an effective source for compiling highly suggestive evidence against Clanton. Here are some Tweets serving as ancillary proof…

[Source: Twitter/Jack Posobiec]

[Source: Twitter/Jack Posobiec]

[Source: Twitter/Jack Posobiec]

[Source: Twitter//pol/ News Network]

[Source: Twitter/Jack Posobiec]

[Source: Twitter/Drum Point]

Shouldn’t something be done in terms of better vetting of faculty in academia?


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