Bill O’Reilly’s Advertisers Leaving As Ratings Rise

bill oreilly [Source: Life News]
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Bill O’Reilly’s ratings are going through the roof. Unfortunately, there is little to celebrate as advertisers are running away from him and his show after a recent sexual harassment payoff–to the tune of $13 million dollars–was recently brought to light. It seems that the sexual harassment claims aren’t random either–a total of five woman were part of the complaints against the popular television show host.

Fox News hasn’t been affected by the advertisers who are fleeing O’Reilly’s show–they are putting their ads into other shows on the network instead. There are over 60 advertisers currently who have pulled out from promoting with O’Reilly. Is his shows future in question?

Sexual harassment complaints are hard for celebrities to survive, even with the short memory of the public. O’Reilly’s network, Fox News, is known to be conservative. Even though his audience is conservative, it appears that they could care less about the sexual harassment O’Reilly took part in–if ratings have anything to say about it.

As reported, “When compared to the same week in 2016, O’Reilly’s primetime program was up 28 percent in total viewers and 42 percent in the key demographic that advertisers covet most, according to Nielsen Research.”

“O’Reilly was also the top-rated basic cable show on Friday in both total viewers with 3.8 million and in the 25-54 demographic with 759,000 viewers. Those numbers also beat NBC’s “First Date” and Fox’s “Rosewood” on broadcast television.

The positive Nielsen numbers comes as 21st Century Fox, the parent company of Fox News, confirmed Sunday it will investigate a sexual harassment claim against the 67-year-old host.”

Only time will tell if O’Reilly’s career can survive the current attacks against him. Without money and advertisers it is going to be hard to survive. Hopefully–for O’Reilly–the “boycott” by advertisers will only be temporary.



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