Black Lives Matter Bans Whites From “Open Event”

black lives matter [Source: Washington Post]
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Black Lives Matter has been a controversial group due to their racially motivated hatred. In fact, may people wonder why they are not listed as a “hate group,” especially after their rhetoric which “inspired the murder of 5 police officers in a domestic terror incident that occurred in Dallas, Texas in 2016.”

The left has supported Black Lives Matter, and most likely because they make good “useful idiots.” The relationship between the left and Black Lives Matter is very beneficial for the left because the hate group likes to create disorder and division–something they need to grow their police state.

It’s ironic that Black Lives Matter fights against police, due to the fact that their supporters votes for politicians who support more police through their socialist ideologies.

Black Lives Matter tries to pretend they aren’t a hate group, which is a narrative that just doesn’t hold up to the facts. Now, the group doesn’t want white people going to an event in Pennsylvania, saying it’s a “black only space.”

As recently reported, “According to the “April Open Meeting” event page on Facebook, the gathering, scheduled for April 15, is aimed at discussing future initiatives and projects of the movement in which only black people are allowed to participate. “Please note that BLM Philly is a Black only space,” claims the event description.

Some people supporting the movement but who happen to not be black have requested an explanation from the group. “Is it just your meetings that are black only spaces? or are all activities this way? I want to support but don’t want to overstep,” tweeted Esther Greenwood.

“Our meetings are black centered,” replied official Black Lives Matter Philly account.”

Will the transparency of Black Lives Matter divisiveness wake more people up to their hatred?



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