California Tolerant Of Undercover, Sting Videos With Animal Cruelty But Intolerant Of Those Exposing Fetal-Organ trade—Double Standard Alludes To Abortion-Industry Protection

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While California’s all about putting the investigative-reporting kibosh on animal cruelty via secret recording devices, the west coasters will condemn investigative journos who do the same to stop the fetal-organ black market.

With that in mind, check out this free-speech double standard: two investigative reporters in California set up sting recordings in public spots when they spoke to some abortion proponents. However, the state’s attorney general slapped them with 15 counts of privacy violations, which apparently exceed California’s statute of limitations. (Does this state ultimately not value humans’ well-being?)

But again, it’s completely legal for animal-rights outfits to use undercover efforts to thwart animal violence in California—no punishments for the crusaders of furry and/feathered friends. Los Angeles’s non-profit animal-rights organization Mercy for Animals regularly enlists undercover journalists to infiltrate farms and slaughter houses. They successfully captured incriminating footage from said animal-cruelty locations. However, unlike anti-abortion black-ops reporters, Mercy for Animals Executive Vice President of Communications Matt Rice explained California has never slapped their operatives with privacy violations—nor have other states done as such to them.


Check out this hidden recording from a myriad of California-based slaughter houses including Foster Farms. Because of this footage, there was a full investigation on the livestock entity:

[Video: courtesy of Mercy For Animals]

There was also a Petaluma-based duck farm, which dishes out barbaric behavior to their livestock. This footage merited a criminal investigation into the kill site:

[Video: courtesy of Mercy For Animals]

Anti-animal-cruelty-outfit Compassion Over Killing utilizes secret footage for their cause too. COK Communications Manager Jennifer Mishler said they’ve never faced legal dealings as a result of their efforts. In their 2009 hidden surveillance, a COK operative covertly exposed this brutal, livestock house:

[Video: Courtesy of Compassion Over Killing]

According to a COK press release, “The heartbreaking video shows severely injured baby birds who were mangled on machinery, casually tossed aside into waste buckets and left to suffer for hours. Eventually, these injured birds along with healthy-but-unwanted ‘surplus’ chicks were dumped like trash into an often-clogged eggshell-disposal chute, where they met a violent death.”

With the above footage in hand, COK had California’s judiciary branch slap a lawsuit on the Santa Cruz livestock house—they closed down in 2012.

MFA’s EVPC Rice explained their organization staunchly follows federal and state rules & regulations when performing stings. Additionally, their operatives must successfully complete “comprehensive boot camps” before infiltrating animal-abuse entities. Rice added when COK operatives are capturing covert footage at slaughterhouses, they’re to record only in work areas—not in bathrooms, locker rooms, offices and the like.

These journalists do all this covert, investigative work to fight animal cruelty, but if they were to do so in an anti-fetal-trade-market effort, they may be fined or even serve time. (Let it be known Planned Parenthood participates in the fetal-organ trade.) While California wants people to believe its laws protect privacy, but its anti-pro-life double-standard laws are ultimately serving abortion companies.


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