Canada To Legalize Weed By July 2018

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For quite some time, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has sworn to legalize weed, and now he’s about to make good on that promise.

Weed will be legal all throughout Canada by July 1st, 2018. Legislation on the issue will be released as soon as April 10th.

There is also an alternative report on the Toronto Star that states that pot will become legal in Canada a bit sooner. The report cites the legalization date could be  on the pot holiday, 4/20 but that can’t be confirmed yet as the House of Commons will be on a break the week of 4/20.

The legal age to buy weed in Canada will be 18 but provinces will be able to increase it if they see it fit.

The cost, distribution and point of sale will be controlled by each individual province in Canada. Ottawa will control licensing while quality control will be held by the federal government to ensure safety.

Trudeau is set to keep his campaign promise on legalizing weed for recreational use

It is clear that this move by Trudeau will drastically increase his credibility as it shows that he keeps his promises. It will also be a kick in the “nuts” to the New Democrats who’ve been attacking Trudeau for not keeping his campaign promise.

Now, even though next year is the projected time of the legislation many people believe that because of how complicated the legislation will be to create, that legalizing weed for recreational use in Canada may not happen until 2019. Whatever the case may be, once weed is made legal all throughout Canada it’s going to increase tourism by quite a lot and the country is going to join the party already started by the Netherlands.


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