Censorship Begins: Facebook Now Flagging News As “Disputed”

disputed news [Source: Libertarian Republic]
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There have been many instances of Internet giants fighting against conservative-news outlets by censoring them. The most famous, censorship tactic was used in the past by Facebook, news curators who admitted to suppressing conservative news. Google and ad networks have been banning certain sites entailing views they don’t agree with, in what can possibly be an attempt to bankrupt them from declining revenues. Now, it looks like conservative websites may be the target of “disputed,” news tags on Facebook.

The mainstream media has been the PR wing of the Democratic party for many years. With the rise of the new media, the mainstreamers have recently lost their ability to sway voters. Many see conservative-news censoring as not just an attack on free speech but an attempt to sell uninterrupted, Democratic propaganda.

Liberal Facebook couldn’t have been happy with the outcome of the recent presidential election. They didn’t want Donald Trump to become the 45th President of the United States. Now, in what can only be an attempt to silence news outlets that aided to his victory, they are rolling out fact-checkers who will mark certain news as “disputed.”

“In December of last year, Facebook promised to take a hardline stance against ‘fake news,’ partnering with partisan fact-checkers such as Politifact, Snopes and ABC News to police content on the platform. Recode reports that Facebook recently began implementing their new ‘fake news’ measures by marking stories that may be false as ‘disputed’ while linking to articles by Politifact and Snopes.

Currently, in order to flag a story as fake, a user must report it or Facebook’s algorithm must detect it. The story will then be sent on to Politifact and Snopes who will investigate and determine whether the story is incorrect. Only when the two fact-checkers agree will the story be marked as disputed.”

Not surprisingly, the fact-checkers are associated with liberal websites that have been caught spreading Democrat propaganda. It is too early to see how conservative news stories will be labeled, but many companies are openly worried that this is just a new way to silence them.


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