Chuck Schumer Angry About Firing Of James Comey, Even Though He Recently Said He Had “No Confidence” In Him

[Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) | Photo: AP]
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The firing of now-former FBI Director James Comey has taken the internet by storm, and many democrats have not been shy about expressing their disapproval. The left has essentially made it their mission to fight Trump on virtually every decision he makes, and he continues to be showing no signs of hesitation when it comes to firing back.

New York Democrat and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer “called out” President Trump, saying that the firing of Comey was a “big mistake,” and sources say that he even went so far as to purport the myth that the Trump campaign had conspired with the Russian government during the electoral season. As reported, “Were these investigations getting too close to home for the president?” Schumer questioned, in an attempt to insinuate that the President is guilty of something.

Schumer, however, is no innocent man. Earlier this year, he earned the nickname of “Cryin’ Chuck” for faking tears as Trump passed an executive order to block the admission of foreigners who had recently visited certain high-risk countries, namely Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, or Yemen. Perhaps Shumer’s concern over the firing of Comey is fictitious, as well.

Given that in November of last year Schumer was calling for Comey to fired, it’s hard to believe that he really cares that much about the former FBI Director. At the time, Schumer commented, “I do not have confidence in him any longer.”

The comment came after Comey had publicly disclosed the investigation of Hillary Clinton and her mishandling of classified information–a choice Schumer described as “appalling.”

President Trump hasn’t forgotten Schumer’s comments, and wasted no time tweeting back at him, “Cryin’ Chuck Schumer stated recently, ‘I do not have confidence in him (James Comey) any longer.’ Then acts so indignant. #draintheswamp”



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