Colbert Audience Cheers News of James Comey’s Dismissal

["The Late Show's" Stephen Colbert | Courtesy of CBS]
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During The Late Show, host Stephen Colbert informed his audience of President Trump terminating FBI Director James Comey. Upon hearing this news, everyone was in an excited state of celebration, which had Colbert momentarily shocked.

[Source: Twitter/The Late Show]

Seemingly, Colbert’s liberal fans felt this to be a good thing, as Comey miffed Democrats with his Congressional correspondence entailing the Hillary-e-mail situation. The former-Secretary of State is known for resenting Comey, feeling he caused her to lose to Trump.

Many know Colbert to be an unapologetic skeptic of President Trump, so it wasn’t totally surprising when Colbert ranted that Comey basically threw the president a bone via his assistance with the campaign victory. Colbert elaborated on the termination being questionable due to Comey’s federal inspection of the relationship between Russia and Trump—especially amid said election.

Fans 180d into booing upon Colbert adding that USAG Jeff Sessions determining Comey should be let go.

Outside the show’s studio, Democrats are anything but happy about Comey’s termination—many are urging that a special prosecutor be brought in. They’re also of the mind it’s a White House hoodwink. There are even Republicans feeling disappointed in the president’s decision—e.g., Senate Intelligence Committee chairman Richard Burr (R-NC), who found the outcome to be “troubling.”


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