Colin Kaepernick Compares Modern Day Police To Slave Catchers

Colin Kaepernick
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Colin Kaepernick has compared police officers of today to modern slave catchers, once again proving why his NFL career is over. He made the statement after the Hispanic officer who shot Philandro Castile in Minnesota last summer was found to be “not guilty of all charges by a jury”.

Kaepernick’s opinion is in line with the opinions of Black Lives Matter who believe that American police treat black people poorly and that the majority of police killings of black people are unjust and unfair.

I’m not going to completely disagree with this opinion and I’m also not going to say that the jury which consisted mostly of whites were fair in their verdict because racism does exist in America. But let’s look at this from a different perspective.

Black people in America believe that police officers are regularly killing black people because of their racist tendencies. This idea has been perpetuated and most people now believe that it is an absolute truth. But, in reality, police shootings towards blacks are rare. White and Hispanic people are more likely to be shot by a police officer than a black man.

In 2015, twice as many white people were shot by police than blacks, even though blacks are more likely to commit violent crimes. This is according to data put together by the Washington Post and this trend seems to be continuing in 2017 as well.

And what makes Kaepernick’s statement even more ignorant is the fact that 93% of black killings are “black on black”. So why is all the hate going towards police officers when the number one enemy of black people in America is….BLACK PEOPLE IN AMERICA!!

More unarmed people have been killed by bees, wasps, and hornets in America than by police. This means that that the probability of a black person getting killed by a bee, wasp or hornet is much higher than that of them getting shot by a police officer. BLM or Colin Kaepernick won’t tell you that.

It’s also much more likely for a black person to get struck by lightning or hit by a train than it is for them to get shot by a police officer. IT IS ALSO, a LOT more likely for a black person to get shot by their black neighbor than it is for them to get shot by a police officer. But when one black person gets shot by a white officer the entire black community goes crazy.

The 12 people jury consisted only of two black people of opposite sex and I can’t say if the verdict was fair. But comparing police officers to modern day slave catchers is a stupid and ignorant statement. It is now more clear than ever before why Kaepernick’s NFL career is over. He just doesn’t think things through very well.

I’m a black man, and I approve this message.


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